Getting Started
»Where do I get this game?
»You can buy an original copy from the GOG digital store to support Atari, or download it for free on the "Game Download" panel below.
»I bought the GOG version, what else do I need?
»Only patch 4.1bb which is a community patch that you can get here.
»The AI is no longer a challenge. Where do people play online?
»At GameRanger. Use the Discord chat to find people to play.
»How do I play mods?
»TA:K Switcher is recomended. Check this page for info.
»I use Windows 8 or 10 and my game is laggy!
»Many old games lag badly on recent Windows versions. Check this thread to fix that.
»I want to ask something else...
»Ask anything at our Discord server.
Game Download