Getting Started
» Where do I get this game?
» You can buy an original copy from the GOG digital store to support Atari, or download it for free on the "Game Download" panel below.
» I bought the GOG version, what else do I need?
» Only patch 4.1bb which is a community patch that you can get here.
» The AI is no longer a challenge. Where do people play online?
» At GameRanger. Use the Discord chat to find people to play.
» How do I play mods?
» TA:K Switcher is recomended. Check this page for info.
» I use Windows 8 or 10 and my game is laggy!
» Many old games lag badly on recent Windows versions. Check this thread to fix that.
» I want to ask something else...
» Ask anything at our Discord server.
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